Welcome to our world.... the world that is Magic Gecko

Welcome to our little Store. Let me introduce us. We are a small team of individuals, well there is two of us actually, who believe that the personal Hand Made or Hand Painted touch is important. 

Everything on our site is Painted, Hand Made or repurposed solely from within our Company.

We came into being in 2014 (after many years of custom producing items for friends and family) when our

beloved VW bus (Magic) came into our lives...

We had been called Gecko for years so what else to call ourselves to launch the business but by putting the two names together

and low and behold Magic Gecko was born.

We specialise in Custom Hand Painted items but also hand sewn and knitted or crocheted.

We attend many festivals throughout the year so I hope one day we can meet and say hello....

If you dont see what you would like on our pages but have an idea in mind then please feel free to email us with them and

we will try our utmost to help you achieve your dreams...